Rapids Cemetery


Welcome to Rapids Cemetery!

Gravestone of Civil War Nurse Pamela Harrison
bleeding heart flowers seen at the meditation garden
Headstones seen at the Loomis Family Plot
Broken headstone of Frederick Peiffer
Feeder Canal 1823 at Rapids settlement P06_03
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Take a Cemetery Tour

Explore a two hundred year-old 1.5-acre cemetery that served a pioneer Rochester, New York settlement. Known burials here include persons serving in the Revolutionary War, War of 1812, and Civil War plus civilians who played key roles in local development. Click here to experience interactively the history and beauty of one of Rochester’s hidden gems.

Learn About the History

Rapids Cemetery is rich with local history information and important American historical themes of the 19th Century.

Explore Nearby Historical Trails

Visiting Rapids Cemetery offers the opportunity to explore Rochester history further by touring nearby historical trails. Several of these trails highlight Rochester neighborhoods. The map showing the trail access locations will display the URL listing for specific information relating to the unique trail.